Yuras Roofing Company Testimonials

Word of Mouth is a Vital Part of Our Business

Testimonials From a Few of Our Customers

We treat every customer like a part of our family. That work ethic has resulted in hundreds of happy and satisfied customers in the San Antonio area over the past several decades. Below are just a small selection of letters we've received over the years from our loyal customers.

"If you're not satisfied, we're not finished!"

Mr. Yuras,

I want to compliment you & your work crew. They did an excellent job. The way they cleaned up after the job was done was a pleasant surprise. And having the job completed in one day was a real plus. I wish every business ran as smoothly as yours, courteous, fast & professional. I would recommend your company to all my friends.

Thank you for a job well done!

Pat Rudd

San Antonio, TX

Dear Robert,

Thank you for your concern and the professionalism in replacing our roof. Our neighbors made comments such as "the new roof looks very nice.", "the crew working on the roof seemed like they know exactly what to do." "There was no horse-playing, strictly business, no goofing off.", "Left the area in a clean condition."

Please express our thanks to them. Not often you see your neighbor's roof replaced, so they all watched.

Herma Gawlik

Universal City, TX

Dear Mr. Yuras,

I am writing this letter to tell you the service we received from your company was outstanding. However, of particular note, the manner in which you personally conducted yourself and represented the company was extraordinary. In this day and era, a large segment of the population have forgotten the basic rules of common courtesy, respect and the desire to be professional in the job they have at hand. You have not forgotten and furthermore, your employees we encountered exemplified the same standards. From the moment I first made contact with your company; I was kept informed as to the progress of the job. An example of this was the day the job actually started and you personally arrived, along with your crew, and took the time to explain how the job would progress. I must tell you, I was taken completely by surprise. Any other company would have just sent a crew out alone to do the job. Your crew supervisor, George, lived up to the same standards. Whenever I had a question, he would come down from the roof to answer my question. When the job was finished and George and the crew left, our yard and (most importantly!) my wife's numerous flowers and shrubs were left impeccably clean.

In conclusion, if I may use the worked again, your service to us was "extraordinary".

P. Howard, Jr.

San Antonio, TX

Robert Yuras,

As you know, your company just completed a roofing job at our residence on Sugarcrest. We just wanted to take a moment to commend you and your company's professionalism during and after the job. All of the workers were polite and kept the entire work area clean daily! The roof looks great and we are getting complements in the neighborhood. We appreciated all the little extras you included in your estimate and some that were not.

That says a lot for the professionalism of a company!

Mrs. Beard, our neighbor to the east of us, will be calling you to do her roof and we are talking to Mrs. Price, North of us also.

We hope with these referrals your company will continue to prosper!

Again, thanks for a job well done!

& Stacy Sohn

San Antonio, TX

Dear Jerry,

It is not often I write letters, but usually when I do it is to complain and has something to do with dealing with a problem, so this is a much different letter for me.

Recently we had the hailstorm go through our area and it had some pretty wicked hailstones in it. My truck got dinged pretty badly and my house took a beating from the hail.

I called you to report the concern about my roof, as my truck did not have any coverage on it from the hail. I did not get you; instead I got another person who handled the call for you. She informed me she would send a claims adjuster out to inspect the damage and advise me of their findings.

The very next day a Tracy Streeter came to the house after a call to set up an appointment to inspect the damage. She was on time, which was a pleasant surprise. She got her ladder from the car and we both went to the roof to inspect any damage there. I found her to be very knowledgeable and very professional. She took me through the steps of the inspection and how she would arrive at her findings. She found there had been another hailstorm that I did not know about and showed me how she could tell. When we were through on the roof she inspected the air conditioner, the turbines and the screens, which I would have never thought about. She told me of her findings and a new roof would be in order and how State Farm had their own people who were qualified to repair the roofs and were professional. She said she would contact one for me if I wanted and send them out to talk to me. I agreed that would probably be the best thing to do, as I knew no one who did that kind of work. She arranged for the person to come and talk to me. I found Tracy to be very professional, courteous, knowledge and a very good reprehensive of State Farm.

I then received a telephone call from Joe Yuras who made an appointment with me to come out and tell me what they would do. To my surprise you sent me a booklet on what to ask for and what to expect. Not being through anything like this before I found this book to be very helpful.

Joe showed up on time and we both went back onto the roof where he measured and told me what the cost would be and how and what they would do. He told me where, when and how things would be done. How nice to have someone who knows how to give service again. He did exactly what he said and when he said they would do it. He showed up to inspect the work after completion also to make sure I was happy and things were done right. The crew he had, moved in at nine one morning and was out by four that afternoon cleaning up everything and worked in a very efficient and professional manner. It is very rewarding to know there are still companies in today's world that give service and do what they say they will do and do it when they say they will do it. State Farm has selected a very good choice in this company.

I always try to pay my premiums on time. It was so nice to have the service when I needed it and in such a professional manner. I must say I am very pleased I chose State Farm Insurance to be my carrier and find they are there for me when I needed them with very professional, and customer oriented people to service me, the customer.

Jerry, my compliments to you and your company and all involved for a very professional service.

Thank you very much for all everyone did for me in this time of need. It is indeed a pleasure to not have any hassle and be treated so professionally when you have problems. Congratulation to each and every one of you! Stay in business and treat all your people who you have to deal with in the same way, as you will never know what it means to all of them.

Robert Griffiths

San Antonio, TX